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Founder and Chief Medical Officer for Legacy ER and Urgent Care – Dr. Jay Woody

Dr. Jay Woody is the founder and Chief Medical Officer for Legacy ER & Urgent Care. He founded the company

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Chief Medical Officer at Avizia – Dr. Alan Pitt

Dr. Alan Pitt is the attending physician and professor of neuroradiology at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Barrow

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Entering the Veterinary Profession

Emergency Veterinarian Dr. Katherine Sanui is a successful Emergency Veterinarian in the San Diego, California, area. As an animal physician

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The Life of a Nephrologist – Dr. Charuhas Thakar

Dr. Charuhas Thakar, Nephrologist Nephrology is the only specialty that can help someone live and have a reasonable quality of

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Cost vs Reward of Opening a Medical Private Practice

Although considered one of the most challenging endeavors in the health care field, starting a medical private practice is also

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